Our Mission

NEXTL LVL MARKETING is a service provider and problem solver for companies that want to invest little time and money in content marketing, but still want to gain more conversations and reach (especially among younger people). Mastering content marketing is easy, but very very hard!


Our goal is to help businesses, artists and content creators gain more attention and sales through social media. My team and I work hard to serve our clients as efficiently and and reliable as possible to make our clients happy and get them to their destination.

Balvir Singh - Memelord

I started as a Business Development Manager in the In-vitro diagnostics industry when I was 18 and got promoted to Head and Director of Business Development at 19 years old.

My biggest achievement was the distribution of a Corona test, which brought my former company about 45 million Euros in sales. 

I specialized in marketing and sales while I was working at my old job. That’s where I found my passion. Many say that I am crazy to open a marketing agency that specializes in Memes
but I saw it as an opportunity to change this world and redefine marketing as a tool to create empathy and humor. 

 I love Crypto and NFT’s. That’s why most of my customers work in the Cryptospace or are Artist or Musicians.

Daniel G. Bieber - God Of Positioning

My passion is to package products, services and personal brands to the outside world in such a way that they stand out clearly and positively from the crowd and become a customer magnet.

This is exactly what I do with my self-created strategic category system, which has been continuously developed over 10 years.

This is so powerful that I can even use it to package a trash can so “sexy” that everyone wants to have it. Due to this fact a customer gave me the name “God of Strategic Positioning” 2 years ago.


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