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We make your social media profiles fame! Whether you want 10k followers on Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Your goal is our goal! Memes, gifs and short videos are the most efficient ways to reach your goals. That’s what makes NLC special!


This Mentoring Program is for people who want to learn and use Meme Marketing for themselves


Give us your message, and we'll create you a Meme!


NLC consists of a Memelord (Balvir), a web designer (Bartosz) and a Positioning King (Daniel)!
Our goal is to help companies, artists and content creators gain more attention and sales through social media. Our team works hard to make our clients happy and get them to their goal as efficiently and reliably as possible.

NLC was founded by as a digital marketing agency without any positioning called Tragedy-X.
The first months went terribly. After a lot of work we managed to expand to America, Canada and Dubai. We were able to save the business by going out to the international market.

There are still hard times ahead, but NLC is as steadfast as it has ever been.

Our goal is to become the monopoly in Meme-Marketing. There is no Marketing-Agency in the entire world that can get up to our standards!

Customer Service over 9000

The customer comes first! That’s why we give you a guarantee!


There are few who are reliable. I and my team will make sure that you have a confident team at your side that stands by you even in hours of need! Be it business or personal. We are and will remain at your side so that you can achieve your goal!

Implementation x10

You know what upsets me the most? When a company gives you empty promises but doesn't keep them. That's different with us. You want something to be implemented? Then it will be done! Without ifs and buts! Even 20 hours of theory and planning won't help.

Guaranteed success

Our promise to you: At least 123.5% more reach. We can't just give you this promise. If that doesn't work, me and my team will work on your case until it does!

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100% Customer Satisfaction

If our customers are happy then we are happy, too!


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